Feelin' Alive is a song by Bart Simpson from his album of the same name, the song features a guest appearance from Rapsta Chik and background vocals from Amara. The single will be released September 22, 2013.


(Let's go)

Verse 1: Simpson (Amara)

You know you're addicted

When that beat comes on

Jessie J or

That can get you on your feet

My good friend Amara (It's Amara)

Know a good beat when she hears one (Damn right)

But I bet she can't handle (Oh yes I can)

The beat that I'm dropping (Drop that beat, go Chik)

Chorus: Chik

Don't you stop me

I'm feel, feeling alive

Feel, feeling alive

And if you wanna join in

Just pick up the beat

Pick, pick up the beat

Oh woah

Oh woah oh

Oh woah

Oh woah oh

Music VideoEdit

The music video premiered September 20, 2013. It starts off with Bart in a hotel room, he walks out and starts rapping in the corridors, Rapsta is roller skating at the beach with her hair straightened and dyed blonde, Rapsta and Bart both said that the video was so fun to make. Amara made a cameo during her short lines in the song.

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