Felicia: Live at Madison Square Garden


Manhattan, New York, U.S.
Madison Square Garden
July 31, 2014
Box office

Felicia: Live at Madison Square Garden was a concert by American recording artist Felicia that took place on July 31, 2014, at Madison Square Garden in New York City. It was announced on July 10, 2014, serving as a celebration of Felicia's first year as a recording artist. The show was recorded and live-streamed by HBO.

Background and announcementEdit

Felicia first performed at Madison Square Garden on February 26, 2014, with Young Prince and Jane Mik during the North American leg of the Brooks Family Tour. However, she had stated she would've liked to have an intimate show with her fans at the venue. In mid 2014, Felicia was told by Prince to celebrate the birthday of her first official single by performing on her own at the venue. The performance was announced on July 10, 2014, on Felicia's webpage.

Concert sypnosisEdit

The concert began with a performance of Felicia's debut single "I'm Leaving Home". The stage had been decorated to look like a bedroom, with Felicia performing most of the song sitting down on the bed. By the end of the performance, Felicia jumped out of a window later running away. The stage went black, the sound of sirens following. When Felicia emerged on the center of the stage to perform "Bad", the bedroom had disappeared. She was now surrounded by policemen behind their cars. During each chorus and verse, she shot down one of them, in the end killing them all. She was then joined by two male dancers, with whom she performed an elaborate dance routine while singing "World Go Round". After the male dancers left, Felicia was joined by four female dancers to perform "Problem". After hearing sirens once again, Felicia and the female dancers left stage running. The stage faded to black for half a minute. Before Felicia returned, it had been redecorated to look like the inside of a bar. 12 dancers were on-stage, either eating or drinking something. Felicia entered the stage from the ceiling, being lowered on a platform. As soon as she reached the stage, she began performing "I am the Queen". After the performance, Felicia and Austin Greyhound, one of the male dancers, kissed. The other dancers then left, leaving Felicia and Greyhound alone on-stage. She performed "Bombs" and then the couple left the stage. After that, the bar was replaced with a motel-like bedroom. Felicia and Greyhound appeared on bed, as if prepared to sleep, but Greyhound got up to get a drink. The couple then performed "Angel" and went to sleep. The lights went off and, by the time they went on again, the stage had a see-through swimming pool in the center of it. A team of eight sincronized swimmers were inside the pool, while Felicia was outside with other three female dancers, wearing an exclusive Versace one-piece swimming suit with matching heels. After entering stage, Felicia performed "Bikini". After that, the stage was cleared, leaving Felicia alone on-stage to perform "Battlefield". After the performance, Greyhound entered the stage and kissed Felicia. Soon after, sirens were heard again. Cops entered the stage, shooting at the couple and killing Greyhound. Felicia got to escape, carrying Greyhound's body. Moments later, Trio3 emerged on-stage and began performing a cover of 5 Seconds of Summer's "Amnesia". Felicia joined them on the second verse, performing the rest of the song, in the end, breaking down. Felicia then returned to the motel room and began performing "Now". At the same time, she uncovered a series of guns and grenades, which she picked up and put inside a backpack. Before leaving, she also performed "Fix You", then walking away. She then stopped by the bar, in which she performed "After Hours", accompanied by five female dancers. After leaving the bar, she got on top of a car to perform "Come and Get Me". After that, the stage was cleared. Felicia performed the chorus of "Lighters in the Air" telling the audience it was the last song. Instantly, she switched to a cover of Alicia Keys' "No One". Fireworks were shown in the background. After the performance, she left the stage. A few minutes later, a phone started ringing. When it was picked up, it was revealed it was a pre-recorded call from Helena Fasesha, who warned Felicia somebody was after her. After that, the phone call ended. Felicia got on-stage with eight backup dancers to perform "Black Widow", with Fasesha's verses pre-recorded. After the performance ended, a female dancer approached Felicia to kill her, but Felicia was able to grab a gun and kill her rival. After that, she ended the concert performing the hit single "I Don't Care".

Set listEdit

  1. "I'm Leaving Home"
  2. "Bad"
  3. "World Go Round"
  4. "Problem"
  5. "I am the Queen"
  6. "Bombs"
  7. "Angel" (with Austin Greyhound)
  8. "Bikini"
  9. "Battlefield"
  10. "Amnesia" (5 Seconds of Summer cover) (with Trio3)
  11. "Now"
  12. "Fix You"
  13. "After Hours"
  14. "Come and Get Me"
  15. "Lighters in the Air" / "No One" (Alicia Keys cover)
  16. "Black Widow"
  17. "I Don't Care"

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