September 2, 2014
Soul, R&B
Young Prince, Helena Fasesha, Austin Greyhound, Rachel Layton
Young Prince

Flaws is a single by Rachel Layton as the fifth single from her debut album Fire. The song features a verse from Austin Greyhound, who she collaborated with on a previous single POWR with Iggy Azalea. The song's release was announced at the 2014 SVMAs


(verse 1: Rachel)

Teen girls, around the world

If you feel down, listen up

You don't need to change your life

Your body, for no one

You are just fine

Nothing wrong with you

If anyone thinks different

They are wrong


Everyone has flaws

But you gotta learn to love them

No one is perfect, no one at all

You gotta rise above all the hate

(verse 2: Austin)

No one is like you

You are unique, no one is the same

Your flaws, make you who you are

No one is flawless, no one at all

You are just fine

Nothing wrong with you

And if anyone thinks different

They can suck on one

(chorus x2: Rachel and Austin)

Music VideoEdit

A video has been announced and shot throughout July-August 2014. The long awaited music video for "Flaws" was released on September 12. The video is similar to Christina Aguilera's "Beautiful" video. Showing Rachel and Austin singing the song next to each other while people are shown struggling with self acceptance.

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