March 8, 2014
Deep house, electro
Amara Van Hersan, Bartholomew Simpson

 Freak is a single by DJ TRAKZ & Amara vs Bart Simpson. It is the lead single from Simpson's first EP. Amara suggested that TRAKZ produce the song and during recording Amara and TRAKZ started dating. A year after the song was released, the song was mashed up with Faces single "Pull Me Close" in a mashup called "Freak Me Close", the mashup went viral due to the mashup pointing out the instrumental similarities.


(verse 1: Amara)

You know

You know about the club

That opened right down the street

I wanna get

My glam and my dance on

But I won't go without you


I wanna dance all night until the sun comes up

The sun comes up

I wanna dance till we collapse

Till we collapse


Were freaks

Yeah freaks

Your freak

I'm a freak

We are all freaks

Get against that wall

Let me freak you freak you

Freak you till the mo-mo-morning!

(verse 2: Bart)

Hey yo, it's Bartholomew

And girl I wanna freak you

I wanna dance with yo

I wanna go all night long with yo

Uh uh uh DJ TRAKZ

You keep droppin them good old tracks

While me and Amara keep rapping up

So people you decide

Simpson v Amara

Who won!?

(chorus: Amara & Bart)

Music VideoEdit

It premiered March 26, 2014. It was directed by DJ TRAKZ himself. It featured Amara and TRAKZ cuddling on a couch while she sings, she then gets up and dances against a wall during the chorus, during Bart's verse he is shown with Rapsta Chik while she lip syncs the song with Bart. On the same day a music video for his second single Golden Heart leaked.

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