HOMER: Hey, your whats-his-face's Dad!

DATABASE'S DAD: He has a name, ya know! But, uh, I'm to drunk to remember what it is, so... Whatever, he'd rather spend time with Dr. Pink or whatever.

HOMER: Oh, I can get him to like you again!


HOMER: Yeah, if theres anything I'm good at, its bringing Fathers and Sons closer together AND making promises I can't keep!

BART: Check it out, guys, I gotta trampoline now!

NELSON: Look, I gotta fist now! (punches Bart in the gut)

MILLHOUSE: Sadly, Bart, we dont care now. Its just not that cool anymore.

(Millhouse and Nelson walk away)

BART: Oh, this is like being president! So many people make it sound cool then we YOU do it, it just isn't cool anymore!

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