Frinky and the Brain
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Couch Gag:
The Simpsons' couch is floating in the ocean, and there all dressed fancy. All of the sudden, an ice-berg hits the couch and Marge, Lisa, and Maggie jump on a life-boat and float away, while Bart and Homer sink. Homer manages to swim to Marges lifeboat, and Marge says "I'll never let go". However, she's talking about the life-boat, not Homer, who falls off into the water and is eaten alive by sharks.
Chalkboard Gag:
"This is not the last season"
Billboard Gag:
SANDWICHES: still good after all these years.

Frinky and the Brain is the first episode of the 24th season. In it, Homer tries to help Database's dad spend more time with his son, who now looks up to Professor Frink. Meanwhile, Bart and Lisa bug Marge, asking her for a trampoline, and finally, when they get it, it breaks and Bart is injured.


In a parody of Pinky and the Brain Bart and Lisa hear that Millhouse got a trampoline, and Nelson says he has one two. Nelson says his Mom meant to ask for a lawn-mower, but she was drunk and mumbled trampoline, so there stuck with it now. Bart and Lisa say they should get a trampoline. Nelson says "good luck" and walks over to Dolph, Kearney, and Jimbo, who are beating up database. Professor Frink, who is riding by on his bike, runs up to deffend Database. After saving Database from the bullies, Frink gives him a ride back home. Later, at the Simpsons home, Bart and Lisa are repeatedly asking Marge for a trampoline, kand she says no. It results in a montage to the song "One Way Or Another", where Bart and Lisa are following Marge and asking for a trampoline. At the end of the montage, Marge finally gives up and buys a trampoline. The next day, Bart and Lisa are jumping on the trampoline, when Homer jumps on and Bart and Lisa go up even higher into the air. Marge is watching through the living room window and worries that it might be dangerous. Meanwhile, Database is riding his bike, alone, when Frink rides up next to him. Frink says it's good to see him again. Frink shows Database his new upgrades on his bike, and presses a button that turns his bike into a hover-bike. Database is amazed at Frinks hover-bike. Later, when Database is back at home, Database adds Frinks to name to his very, very, very short List of Friends.