Future Me
May 23, 2015
Pop punk, punk, punk rock, hip hop
Austin Greyhound, Zachary Phylson, Amanda Simpson
Alex da Kid

Future Me is a single by Austin Greyhound from his upcoming second studio album. It was released unannounced in May 2015. It is Greyhound's first rock song. Greyhound described it as his "epic anthem", and Springfield Shopper reviewed it positively.



I want a future so bright

I just wanna do it right

I wish I could

Wish I could talk to future me

I wanna be successful

I dont wanna be a fool

I wish I could

Wish I could talk to future me

Yeah, yeah

Wish I could talk to future me

(Verse 1)

When I was a little boy

I wanted to be seen

Now I'm living out

My fantasy

Everyone knows me

They all hear me

Try going through the radio

Without hearing me

But I wonder if my future

Is the same

I wonder will it lead me

Happy or insane

Will I still be me

Or will I be nobody

Will everyone forget about me?


(Verse 2)

I'm tearing apart

From my inquiry

I hope I don't plummet

Down from here

Will this song be what's left of me

I wish that I could see

What will happen to me

Will I fuck up the future and be history



Please, God make me stay

How I am today

I've lost and gained so much

Will my future be a loss or a gain?


Music VideoEdit

Greyhound said he would release an "awesome" video in June. Confirming all the Livin' Life Records members would star and it would feature a 40's superhero theme. The video was never shot however, and never released.

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