"Go Get It"
March 28, 2014
Pop rock

"Go Get It" is a song by American singer-songwriter Joshua Riverra featuring American recording artist Felicia Brooks. It was released as the second single from his second studio album, Underdogs, on March 28, 2014, receiving positive reviews by critics.


Verse 1: Felicia
Come listen to me boy walking down the street
I've got that lil' nice ass that you wanna see
I'm not sure 'bout the type of woman you will need
But for now I will make sure you hold on to me

Bridge: Felicia
Come now, baby kiss my lips
Imma need therapy
Cause I'm onto you (you, you)

Chorus 1: Felicia
(Go get it) Everybody in the club wanna touch my body, I say take it slow
(Go get it) Seeing all those dirty looks, but I really really really wanna fuck no more
(Go get it) I got this shit on my, I really wanna show how it's really done
(Go get it)

Verse 2: Joshua Riverra
I wanna see that ass walking down the street
I really need your number, tell me where we'll meet
Why don't you can closer? Baby, take that off
You can be the key to open up my doors

Bridge: Joshua Riverra

Chorus 2: Joshua Riverra (Felicia)
(Go get it) I wanna see that mouth, chitchatting and then kissing me till daylight strikes
(Go get it) I can tell those motherfuckers to get out the house
(Go get it) Come give me what I need, all I really really need is to feel you please
(Go get it)

(Instrumental bridge)

Chorus 1: Felicia

Chorus 2: Joshua Riverra

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