Good As Me


August 4, 2014
Rachel Layton, Samantha Drake, Isla Chan
The Smeezingtons

Good As Me is a joint single between Rachel Layton, LaQuaria Ghetti, and Isla Chan. It is a single from the re-release of Ghetti's debut album The Samantha Diaries. After being teased for days, it finally was leaked online on July 30, 2014. The lyrics speak about a woman seducing a man, saying they will never find someone as good as them. The song was used in a commercial for the 2014 SVMA's, where the song will be performed for the first time. On August 23, 2014, three solo versions by each artist was released, for Rachel and Isla's solos, they skipped out LaQuaria's rap, for LaQuaria's solo version, she sang the verses and rapped. An EDM remix of the song produced by DJ TRAKZ was officially released to iTunes on October 4, 2014. It premiered on MTV's Faces Top 11 EDM Hits.


(verse 1: Layton)

You know she is hot as hell

But I can burn you with one touch

She may be a Ferrari

But i'm a fucking Lamborghini

I been waiting for your love

Come on baby, Just for fun

You know she is hot as hell

But you wont find someone as good as me

(chorus: all 3)

No one as good as me (no one, no one)

No one knows all about you (no one, no one)

I can set you to high speed

I can do stuff you can't imagine

(verse 2: Isla)

She might be better at twerking

But I can work in other ways

Her booty can pick it up and drop it slow

But I can pleasure you in other ways

I've been waiting for your love

Come on baby, just for fun

You know she is hot as hell

But you wont find someone as good as me

(chorus x2: all 3)

(verse 3: LaQuaria)

It, it's my turn bitches

It's my turn bitches

I got it going on on

That chick's a model

But I can give you full throttle

I can fuck you in ways she can't, can't

I'm so good

Yeah, i'm so hood

But now I am refined, fined

Just like Iggy, yeah

I'm so fancy

But I can give it to you dirty, dirty

It's Rachel and Isla

Also me, Miss Ghetti

I don't give a fuck

All you bitches is petty

I can work it so fast

All night, I can last

And If you wanna fuck

Say the word and I'm there

(chorus: all 3)

Music VideoEdit

The video was released on August 1, 2014. It features women dancing with a white background, along with scenes of all three women performing the song with the same background.

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