Groper at Rapella is a song by Rapsta Chik, it is a diss track to Joshua Riverra, it is a reference to the to incident that happened at Rapella 2013 when he pulled her top down accidently and got into a Twitter fight with her. It was supposed to be released Janurary 2013, but was never released, but then it was also taken off her 3rd album Ceramic Doll, she confirmed the release date in April on Twitter saying "#GROPERATRAPELLA to be released in April, Cant wait to show Joshy some bitchy bouncing back!", and the song was released April 29th 2013.


Groper, G-G-Groper at Rapella (yeah)

Verse 1

He performed his track with me

and did a Justin and Janet

he got a bitch slap

now he's so whack (R-Rapella)

(repeat start 4x)

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