July 7, 2014
House, dance, electro, dance-pop
Isla Chan, Chris Andre, Alex Andre

Heart is a single by Isla Chan, released as the lead single from the EP of the same name. The song is produced by and features Canadian electro music duo DVBBS. A snippet of the song was released on June 24. The song was supposed to make its worldwide debut on June 25, 2014, but it was premiered on June 24. An hour later critics called the song "One of Isla Chans best songs". Since the songs debut, remixes have been released, Chan has thanked everyone for the remixes and have confirmed the remixes will be released on a remix EP in the future. The song has been remixed by Martin Garrix, Cedric Gervais, a trap remix of the song was released by DJ Mustard, and a remix of the song featuring Cuban rapper Pitbull has been released. On June 28, 2014 a mashup of Heart and Zedd's "Clarity" was released onto the internet. DVBBS has commented on their collaboration with Chan, saying "It's a different song for her, but we were happy to produce the track for her.".


(verse 1: Chan)

You hold me close by your side

And you never let me go

I want to stay with you

Even when the world gets so cold

If love lasts forever

Maybe we should test it out

We dont have long together

The clock is ticking

(pre chorus)

Staying with you tonight

I just need you

I dont need no one else

Just need to stay with you


If I die tonight

You know my heart is yours

If i go tonight

you know my heart is yours

(instrumental break: DVBBS)

(chorus: Chan)

(verse 2: Chan)

Hold me through the nights and days

Hold me while I sleep

Hold me through all the dark days

Hold me through sadness

(pre chorus)


(instrumental break: DVBBS)

(chorus x2: Chan)

(instrumental outro: DVBBS)

Music VideoEdit

A snippet of the video with no sound was released on June 24, 2014. DVBBS are confirmed to appear in the video. The video was released on June 28, 2014.


The video shows Chan singing while walking through a desert, when the beat drops the desert sky begins flashing a deep blue colour, while scenes of Chan dancing to the song with DVBBS are shown. During one point Chan's eyes begin to flash, and she seemingly explodes into a glowing golden ball of light. The video ends with Chan dancing and fist pumping with DVBBS.

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