Helena Fasesha
Gender Female
Status Alive
Age 33
Occupation British singer and actress
Relatives Father: Ricky Fasesha
Mother: Cecelia Fasesha
Sister: Ava Green
Brother: J.C. Fasesha
Brother-in-law (by Ava): Aaron Green
Niece (by Ava): Malika Green
Nephew (by J.C.): Mark Fasesha
Daughters: Anika Charles, Lia Greyhound
Ex-Husband: Dan Charles

Helena Fasesha (formerly Fasesha-Charles) (born August 14, age 33) is a British singer and actress, she was discovered by Rapsta Chik and signed to Livin' Life, her debut single Gimme Gimme was a big hit. Fasesha is also a songwriter and has written songs for Sarah Simpson, Rapsta Chik and Young Prince before she moved on to singing her own written songs, her written work was co-writing Felicia Brooks's hit single I'm Leaving Home.

Biography Edit

Fasesha gave birth to her first daughter Anika on March 6, 2014. Her mother was actress Cecelia Fasesha. In March 2014 shortly after the birth of her daughter, Helena Fasesha married her boyfriend Dan Charles. In May 2015, Helena and Dan announced their divorce after it was announced Dan cheated on Helena with his ex-girlfriend, fathering her baby. Dan and his ex have begun dating again, and Helena has full custody of Anika, Dan has visition rights and occasionally visits Anika with his son. Helena dated Austin Greyhound for a few months, but they broke up. In July 2016, Helena confirmed she was pregnant with Austin's child, and that they were back together. On October 4, 2016, Fasesha gave birth to her second and Austin's first daughter Cecelia "Lia" Greyhound, named after her mother.


Mother: Cecelia Fasesha (deceased)

Father: Ricky Fasesha

Sister: Ava Fasesha-Green

Brother: J.C. Fasesha

Brother in Law: Aaron Green

Niece (by Ava): Malika Green

Nephew (by J.C.): Mark Fasesha

Ex-husband: Dan Charles

Daughters: Anika Charles, Lia Greyhound


Main article: Helena Fasesha discography


Internet (short film) as GloZell (2013)

Black Soul as Nicola Banks (2013)

Heart2Heart as Pamela (2014)

Animals as Kim (2014)

Gloves as Loretta Philips (2016)

Television Edit

Seven Cases of Crimes Against Humanity as Rhea Garth (2016)


Livin' Life Tour (with Rapsta Chik and Amara) (2014)

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