Hell Yeah


May 13, 2014
Hip Hop, Dancehall
Samantha Drake, Chauncey Hollis Jr, Amanda Simpson, Sonny Wilson, Tramar Dillard, Micheal Stevenson

 Hell Yeah is the lead single from LaQuaria Ghetti's upcoming debut album. Featuring Sonny Wilson, Hit Boy, Rapsta Chik, Flo Rida, and Tyga. It was originally a solo single but then Rapsta Chik got involved and she suggested the song becomes a monster collaboration. It was leaked by LaQuaria on April 20, 2014.


(intro: Hit-Boy)

Yeah the party dont stop (no)

Yeah it's dont stop

We be staying around

We dont care what the time is

It's LaQuaria bitch with Hit Boy bitch

Just call us Kesha because we gonna blow (blow blow blow)

(verse 1: LaQuaria)


Walked in the club

People know my name

Bitches backin away

Because they scared of me

I'm just here to have a fucking good time

No men tonight, just me, myself and I

People say I party to hard, i need to stop

Well I say "Shut the fuck up, fuck off"

I'mma party till the mornin

If you got a damn problem

You ain't got 99 problems

You got the whole 100 bitch

(chorus: Sonny Wilson)

Oh hell yeah

Oh oh hell yeah

We gon party party until the sun starts shinin yeah

Hell yeah

We dont stop for no one

We dont stop at no time

Hell yeah

Oh oh hell yeah

So much champagne in the club

It's like the damn nile yeah

Party until we see sunlight

Imma party hard

Until 10 in the morn

(verse 2: Tyga)


Smoking in the club dont care who sees

Kissing bitches in the club dont care who sees

I dont care if you see me in the club

I be lookin so good all the bitches want me

Order more shots till i cant see

Im just in the club with LaQuaria Ghetti

And sunlight aint comin through yet

So the creatures of the night

Still coming out to play

(Chorus: LaQuaria and Sonny)

(verse 3: Flo Rida)

LaQuaria, Hit-Boy, Tyga

Never thought i would be here with ya

Drinkin up, anything, what my girl drinks I buy

Pickin fights, makin the weaker specimen cry

LaQuaria Ghetti is the queen of the party

And we three kings be bringing it on

Now Rapsta Chik

Wanna do shots at the bar

(verse 4: Rapsta Chik)

Heeeell yeaaah!

Ra-ra-ra-rapsta chik

Is here now

All you bitches take cover

Cuz Princess RC is here

Callin up the babysitter now im here

Imma get drunk at the bar

With like 5 or 6 beers

Somone gonna have to carry me home tonight

I feel woozy and drunk but im still alright

Me, LaQuaria, Tyga, Flo and Hit Boy

The Kings, Queen and Princess

Keep drinking

I see no sunlight yeah

Party on baby!!!

(Chorus: All 6)

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