May 19, 2014
R&B, Soundtrack, Hip-Hop

4:07 ("Physical" version)
Amara van Helsan, LaQuaria Ghetti
Amara, Hans Zimmer

 Horrify is the official soundtrack single from the 2014 motion picture The Eyes. Performed by Amara and LaQuaria Ghetti. Amara leaked it online exactly a month away from the films release, she tweeted "I know you got a bit antsy waiting for new music to drop, so I leaked Horrify ft. LaQuaria Ghetti early. It will still be officially released on May 19th, but this will not be the only new music to drop on that date...". An hour after the song leaked, the official music video was released to Amara's VEVO account.


(instrumental intro)

(verse 1: Amara)


This mission, ain't what you wanna see

This misson, is just for me

Gotta find out what's goin on

Gotta save the world, from the evil comin

I wanna be the next hero

I wanna be the person kids look up too

I doubt you wanna see this

What is seen, can not be unseen


You're bound to see stuff that will horrify

This battle is just for me, not you and I

If you see stuff, that will horrify

Don't blame me, blame yourself

(verse 2: LaQuaria)

Ghetti up in this bitch

Gonna fight, for whats right, yo

There is evil in the world

If you see what you see better not get hurt

I can't rap the death and pain away

But I can rap to forget about it

But guess what? I can't forget about it

You think I can, well no

It's too damn hard

Horrifying, scarifying

Like that like that

Mission aint for you

Battle not for you

I ain't gods gift to the world

But I can try to make it a better place

But be warned

(chorus: Amara)

(bridge: Amara)


Oh oh



Come on now, dont be shy

Dont be scared, I'm here to help

I'm like a mother-mother super hero


Music VideoEdit

The video was released on May 13, 2014 on Amara's VEVO account. Two versions were released. The proper version featured clips of the film in the video. The second version was edited to cut the clips out due to the fact that they may be disturbing for people under the age of 15. The edited version was released for TV showings, while the original (and the edited) can only be viewed online. Amara tweeted after the release "I guess you can count the Horrify video as a "musical trailer" for the film, #THEEYES #HORRIFY."


It begins a clip of the film trailer showing a piece of paper (the poem the movie is based aroung) floating in the abandoned house shown many times in the film. But the clip extends to the poem landing in a corner and footsteps are heard going up the stairs. Amara enters the house and plugs a speaker into an old plug socket, when she does this, moonlight quickly falls and Amara plays the song on the speaker, this whole scene is cut in the edited version and it just begins with Amara pressing play on the speaker. The song begins and Amara sings in the house while short clips of the film is shown (cut out in edit). LaQuaria raps her verse downstairs of the house. LaQuaria later joins Amara upstairs and dances and sings back up while Amara sings. When the song finishes the camera pans out the house and shows the rather suspicious hopscotch court next to the house in the field. Then the court cracks and the video ends. The cracking ground was cut out in the edited version.

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