I'm The Bitch (clean version known as I'm The Chick) is a single by Rapsta Chik, Helena Fasesha and Amara. It is a promotional single for the three's record company Livin' Life Records. The single's release date is October 7, 2013.


Verse 1: Helena Fasesha

Lift me up

I know that you know it too

Know that you

Want to bow down and pray

Do you believe

in Faseshaoligy

Or are you

Skeptical about my powers

Pull me close

Because I'm a long ride

Ride ride, a long ride

Chorus: Amara

Do you wanna be brainwashed

Or just follow me on your own

I can control your mind

And have you switch to my religion

Do you know

Well of course you know

Do you wanna know

Why I'm the bitch

Verse 2: Rapsta Chik

Yeah, I'm a nice girl

At first

You can play with me

Till playtimes over

I'll win you over

Chicks always win

And if you hate me I don't give a fuck

You vandalise my car

But you won't get very far

Because you I'm winning

I can't let you be a runner up

Chorus: Rapsta Chik

Verse 3: Amara

Mark your calendars

For the coronation of my reign

Anger me

Well I'm gonna let it rain

Let you burn

And melt under my heating ruling

Under my heating ruling

My heating ruling, ruling

My heating ruling

Chorus: Helena Fasesha

Outro: Rapsta, Amara and Helena

Do you wanna be a loser

Or do wanna live life

Live hard and live well

In Livin' Life

Music VideoEdit

A music video directed by Rankin premiered on September 27, 2013. The video features the three women in dark clothing in dark, smoky offices.

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