I've Been Blind
July 4, 2014
Pop, dance, soul
Rachel Layton, Jane Mik

I've Been Blind is a single by Rachel Layton, as the third single from her debut album Fire. It was originally released as a promo single. It was written by Rachel Layton and Jane Mik. Mik performs a small verse in the song, but is uncredited. On the single and album version of the song the song is just credited to Rachel Layton, but when the music video first aired it was credited to Rachel Layton featuring Jane Mik. The mistake has been fixed. It was Mik's decision to have herself uncredited.



I've been blind

Not knowing youre my all

Ive been blind

Not knowing your the one

(verse 1)

To me you are

Like the song

Glowing and pretty

And really hot (rawr)

Oh lord, how did I miss

That you are my all and my one


There's nothing that we cant do

when were together, when were together

(you are my one)

Theres nothing that we cant do

When were together, when were together


(repeat verse 1)


(verse 2 x2: Jane Mik)

Because your my all

There is nothing that we cannot do

When were together, when were together

(you are my one)

Whenever I am feeling lonely

I can give you a call

I can give you a call

(chorus: Rachel and Mik)

Music VideoEdit

A music video was released on June 27, 2014, it features Rachel Layton (and later uncredited guest vocalist Jane Mik) performing an elaborate dance routine in a park in London, England. The video was released with no warning and credited as "Rachel Layton - I've Been Blind ft. Jane Mik", as Mik is uncredited, the mistake has been changed.

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