ION (mce)

The singles cover

iON is a single by Rapsta Chik, it features Lady Gaga, it was supposed to be the second single from Amy, but it was not released so Rapsta remixed it to be more upbeat, only the Miami remix was used as a single, it will be released August 9th 2013, coinciding with the release of TGIF Pt 5: Friday Returns.


Chorus: Lady Gaga

Ion, come on baby hit me with your

Ions, you have me as a friend

Ion, nobody understands you

Scientific discovery

Electron, science has created you

Proton, I will love you little

Particle, article

(beat break)

Verse 1: Chik

Science got you

Stepped in you like hot poo

I really wish I discovered you

Youre and ion not a Peugeot

Chorus x2

Chik (Lady Gaga)

Miami (remix bitch)

Miami (remix bitch)

Edition (edition bitch)

Special (edition bitch)

Music VideoEdit

It premiered August 5 2013, Lady Gaga was not in the video, she did shoot scenes but was not happy and cut them out. It features Rapsta wearing a red and black leather jumpsuit and red contact lenses to make it look like her eyes suddenly turned red


It begins with the album version playing in the distance and Rapsta walks into a house party and plays the remix on a pink speaker, when Rapsta begins to rap huge first verse, the partygoers started to do crazy thing such as set the neighbours car on fire, pour paint on each other and put flour and paint in the swimming pool, at the end of the video Rapsta slowly turns the speakers up to max volume, causing the partygoers and the speakers to virtually burst into flames and explode.

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