"I Don't Give A"
September 13, 2014
Synthpop, electronic, hip hop

I Don't Give A is a single by duo Faces. It is the third single from their second album I Am Me. The song goes back to their old synthpop and electronic music instead of the new EDM music the duo are making.


(verse 1)

Baby, I really need your lovin'

I don't care what these people saying

I know we got something yeah

Something that makes us spark

I, I know we're friends

But I wanna take it up

I can't go without you baby

Not tonight


You make me feel so fine

I know we are just friends

But I feel something

I wanna level up

People talk that talk

Saying we won't work

Well, I really don't give a

No I don't give a

No no no, no no no, no no, no

I don't give a fuck

No no no, no no no, no no, no

I don't give a fuck (fuck fuck fuck)

(verse 2)

Oh baby the way you do that

The way you make me feel like that

One way to describe you boy

M-A-N of my dreams

I, I wanna know

If you wanna get closer

Do you wanna be with me baby

Until the end


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