I Love It


Release Date
January 3, 2014 (U.S.)

Janurary 10, 2014 (U.K.)
Hip Hop, pop, rap, electro pop, dance pop, house
Singles from I Love It
Insane feat. Kelly Clarkson - 11 October, 2013

Victim feat. - 4 November 2013

Dum Dum - 27 December 2013

Hashtag Rapsta Chik - January 15 2014

Work It feat. Azealia Banks, 19 Febuary 2014
Promotional Singles from I Love It
KINDERGARTEN feat. Helena Fasesha - 10 November 2013

Promo picture, not official cover

I Love It is the fifth studio album by Rapsta Chik, due out Janurary 3, 2014. Its lead single Insane will be released October 11, 2013, Victim (the second single, originally lead single) was premiered at the Rappz Festival 2013. The album features collaborations with, Kelly Clarkson and Azealia Banks. The official tracklist was due to be revealed in late September, but when she realised she had written the songs and sorted recording dates for all twenty songs (standard and deluxe), she allowed her label co-founder Helena Fasesha to reveal the full tracklist a month early. On October 3, 2013 a promo picture (pictured) was uploaded to Rapsta's instagram account, the next day a promotional ad was released to Rapsta's instagram, YouTube, VEVO and also released to television commercial breaks, the ad is 20 seconds long and features Chik twerking to a track on the album called Dum Dum (the ad was the first time a snippet of an unreleased song from the album was heard).

Track ListingEdit

1. Victim (ft.

2. Work It  (ft. Azealia Banks)

3. Dum Dum

4. I Love It (Icona Pop cover)

5. Insane (duet with Kelly Clarkson)

6. Miss Chik (ft. Lady Gaga)

7. Car Journey (#EVENMOREBANGINREMIX) (ft. Felicia)

8. #SEXYLADY (ft. Robin Thicke)

9. Hashtag Rapsta Chik

10. KOKAKOLA (ft. Young Prince)

11. I Want You Forever

12. I'm A Rebel (Original Mix)

13. I'm a Rebel (Remix)

14. #KINDERGARTEN (ft. Helena Fasesha)

deluxe edition bonus tracks

15. World Championship

16. Everyone's A Winner

17. Kill For A Kiss (ft. Miley Cyrus, Helena Fasesha, Pharell)

18. Victim (remix) (ft., Eve, Kendrick Lamar, Young Prince)

19. Dum Dum (remix) (ft. Lana Del Ray)

20. TGIF (Celebration Remix 3) (ft. Amara)


Insane with Kelly Clarkson was the lead single, it was released October 11, 2013.

Victim, produced and featuring, was released Novemeber 4, 2013. The single was set to be lead single but due to a leak of Rapsta's song with Kelly Clarkson, the single was set as the second single, the release date will stay the same.

#KINDERGARTEN featuring Helena Fasesha was released as the first promotional single on November 10, 2013.

Dum Dum was released as the third single on December 22, 2013

Hashtag Rapsta Chik was the fourth single released January 15, 2014

Work It featuring Azealia Banks is the fifth single released Febuary 19, 2014

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