Isla Chan
Isla in January 2014
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Hair Black
Age 24
Occupation Member of band Good Girlz (formerly)
Asian-American singer

Isla Chan (born June 12, 1990 - March 26, 2015) was an Asian-American singer, she was originally a member of a band Good Girlz. She left the band and went solo. In April 2014 after the release of her debut album, Chan confirmed she had already begun on her second one.

On March 25, 2015, Chan was reported missing in Los Angeles visiting her family, later on that day her SUV was found at the bottom of a lake, she was driving back to Springfield when her SUV flew off a bridge and sank. Chan died in hospital the next day in Springfield General Hospital. A posthumous single was released called "Air" in May 2015.

Discography Edit

Main article: Isla Chan discography

Filmography Edit

Animals (2014) as Myra

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