It's Isla (SVD Remix)

Its Isla (SVD Remix)

June 10, 2014
Progressive house, dance
4:53 (single version)

3:29 (radio edit)

8:51 (extended)
Isla Chan
Sander Van Doorn

 It's Isla (SVD Remix) is a single by Isla Chan. After Isla's idea for DJ TRAKZ to remix the song was shot down, Isla suggested that Dutch producer Sander Van Doorn remix the song. Doorn's remix was given the green light. Isla will premier the remix on radio on June 8, 2014. On June 30, 2014, an extended version that runs for 8 minutes and 51 seconds was released.


(verse 1)

I called you up in the dead of night

Trying to find where you have gone

I didnt want to end it this way

Phone ringing, pick up

You picked up

I told you I was sorry

For what I did

And how it ended

I cried and cried

And you said "Who is this?"


You moved on

And Im here crying

You forgot who I am

So I told you who I am

I said "it's isla"

"I-its isla"

"Its Isla"

"its isla"

But I know you dont care anymore

(beat break)

(verse 2)

You completely moved on

Why did I think I still mattered to you

Why did I think some part of you

Still loved me in any way

Oh, why, why am I crying

In the corner

I better dry my tears

Why, oh why

Must I do so much wrong

Please god help me, help me please



Music VideoEdit

An hour after Isla premiered it on morning radio, the official music video was released to Isla's VEVO account and the Spinnin Records YouTube channel. It features Isla dancing on rocks next to the sea, some show Isla crying and her tears falling into the sea.

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