Justin Douglas (known as JayDee) (age 22, born June 26) is an American screenwriter and rapper formerly signed to Livin' Life Records. Douglas wrote songs for many artists and even co-wrote a track on Rapsta Chik's album Ceramic Doll. His debut single leaked online on April 16, 2014. In April 2014 he revealed he has quit rap because he felt rapping is not his thing. So he quit to write movie scripts. To prove that he will not become a rapper, he rush released his single The Party Song on iTunes, but tweeted that he will always treasure his collaborations with Rachel Layton and Felicia. He also revealed that he wrote his first film as a teenager and that the movie will be released in 2015. On August 2014 he announced a return to the music business, but as an independent artist. However in March 2016, he was signed to Livin' Life Records again, but with Bart Simpson and LewisLoud as their hip hop group cItYb0yZ.

Singles Edit

The Party Song (feat. Amara) (2014)

Treat You Right (feat. Mira Shai of Under the Radar) (2014) from the album Through the Flames

Holla At U (feat. DJ TRAKZ and Calvin Harris) (2015) from the album Through The Flames

Tonight (Special Remix) (feat. Lucas Correa and Amara) (2015) from the album Through The Flames


Through the Flames (2015)

Featured SinglesEdit

Battles (Rachel Layton feat. JayDee) (2014)

I Don't Care (Felicia) (uncredited) (2014)

You Don't Know (Rachel Layton feat. JayDee and Young Prince) (2014)

Princess (Remix) (Amara feat. JayDee) (2014)

Lighten Up (Faces feat. JayDee) (2016)


Animals (2014)

Pendulum (co-written with Richard Brooks) (2016)


Animals (2014) as Theo

Gloves (2016) as Harrison Blue

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