A series of horror stories narrated by Apu

Slushie the 13thEdit

Camp Slushie Lake, a summer camp/resort. Marge Voorhees is killing counsellors for revenge because of her son, Bart, drowning while the councellors watching him were drinking slushies. She kills them one-by-one. In the end one counsellor decapitates her with a machette. Years later Bart is revealed to be alive. First he kills his mothers killer. Then he travels to Slushie Lake to kill all intruders. Five years later a group of teenagers arrive and are killed by Bart. Groundskeeper Willie, the last counsellor Bart tries to kill finds a cabin in the woods. Inside is a shrine around Marge's head. Willie fights back and stabs a machette into his shoulder. Willie is put into an ambulance as Jason lies dead.,

Nightmare on Evergreen TerraceEdit

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