May 3, 2014
Hip house
Amara, Adam Preston, Rachel Layton

 L-O-V-E is the second single from Amara's second studio album Physical. The features electronic vocal/production duo Faces.


(verse 1: Amara (Layton))

I been at the bar feelin so good

Got my tan on make up

Dyed my hair

Gettin hit on

Like a heart boxing match

I see this guy and I be like "Daaayum"

Then the waitress comes over

And she puts a drink in my hand

(Compliments of the guy at the bar)

I looked at him and he looked me back

It's more than a hook up

And I know what it is (uh huh)

(pre chorus: Layton)

I like when you look at me in my eyes

I like when you tell me that I'm shining bright

(chorus: Amara)

It's L-O-V-E

Such L-O-V-E

It's L-O-V-E

That boy's my L-O-V-E

Yeah my L-O-V-E

I love my L-O-V-E

Wanna touch me L-O-V-E

I'll stay with you L-O-V-E

(verse 2: Amara)


That boy lookin at me now

Deep blue eyes

With a heart if love

If eyes could speak they would say "I love you"

"I know we met in a bar but your so perfect"

(chorus: Amara)

(bridge: Layton)

I love when you tell me i'm good for you

I love when you say that I am your amore

I know your not one of those guys

You dont say "shake that ass bitch"

Or just say im a whore

(chorus: Amara and Layton)

Music VideoEdit

A 6 second Vine video was released showing Amara on the set of the video scaring her hair stylist, both members of Faces are seen in the background laughing. The video was released April 23, 2014. The video is about a high school romance. The video is 12 minutes long.


The video begins in the year 1970's where two high school students (played by Amanda Seyfried and Shia LaBouef) are promising each other that they will get married and stick together through anything. As the years go on the man breaks his promise to the woman, cheats on her and they break up, the woman got married and has a daughter with another man but was still mad about her last boyfriend, eventually she and her husband divorxed

Years later her daughter (played by Amara) is a teenager and is making the same promise to her boyfriend (played by DJ TRAKZ). Afterwards Amara starts singing her first verse in the hallway and when Layton sings the pre-chorus it is revealed that TRAKZ's character is cheating on Amara's character with Layton's character. After Amara sings the second verse and chorus. She is shown with her mother talking about her boyfriend, her mother warns her about her boyfriend and Amara takes no notice, and tells her mother that her boyfriend has gone to go fishing with his father, but it is revealed that her mother's boyfriend had told her this as an excuse to cheat on her back in the 70's, Amara remains skeptical but when she tries to call her boyfriend she hears Layton shouting "fuck off" down the line. Amara then realises what's going on and runs out the house to her boyfriend's apartment.

Layton is shown singing the bridge while making out with TRAKZ. When she finishes Amara bursts into the apartment and attacks Layton, causing a massive fight and TRAKZ gets knocked out trying to break up the fight. Amara, out of anger, pushes Layton down four flights of stairs. She then gives TRAKZ the middle finger, breaking up with him. Layton is taken to hospital because of major injuries during the fight and being beaten down the stairs and was moved schools by her parents because she could not stand her being near "the bitch who nearly killed my daughter". All of a sudden the happy, upbeat, hip house song becomes slightly depressing as Amara sings the chorus acapella but changing the lyrics to "he WAS my L-O-V-E". Years later when Amara's character is an adult. She gets a visit from her ex-boyfriend, she also learns Layton is engaged and doing well. After some time, she forgives her ex and she sings the final chorus as she and her boyfriend drive away into the sunset.

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