Amara is the first episode of Life Of A Popstar, it aired October 12, 2013. Amara narrated her story.

Amara's StoryEdit

Amara was born to a stripper and a male prostitute, she was ashamed of her parents occupations so she said her dad was a street atist and her mother a ballet dancer. Amara has an autistic younger brother named Chip and she stuck up for him when other kids bullied him. Amara had her first crush when she was 12 and she won a college competition when she was 19 singing Miley Cyrus's Party In The U.S.A.. Amara featured on the Bart Simpson single "The One" in 2011 and released her debut single and EP the next year. In late 2012 she abandoned her good girl image and in 2013 she released Smokin' This Hun and Kizz My Lipz . Her debut album A is due out in Decemeber 2013.

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