The first issue of the new Simpsons comic, Legends of the Bart Knight.


The Bart Knight RisesEdit

Bart is at school, when a superhuman Kearney attacks. It goes to 6 months earlier, when Bartman caught Kearney shop-lifting and got him in Juvenile Hall. After 3 months in Juvenile Hall, Kearney was signed up for a project. "Wiseguy's" job was to inject doses of ketchup into the body as Dr. Frink's plan to see if the ketcup interferes with the blod stream, but Wiseguy injected toxic waste into Kearney, making him super strong. Kearney escaped and after 3 months made it to Springfield to sabatoge the school. Bart dissapeared, and ran to his hide-out, The Bartcave. Bartman made it back to the school just in time to fight Super-Keaney. Kearney was too much for Bartman, so Bartman fleed, and came back with his only hope: The Human Fly. The Fly climbed up Kearney and found the bandanged up spot where nuclear waste was injected to him. Bartman saw and jumped onto Super Kearney and ripped the bandages off, causing toxic waste to squirt all over. Kearney got more weak then he was before, and explains that half his blood leaked out. A statue of Human Fly is made in his honor, and The Fly is finally happy. Just then, a Super Dolph and Super Jimbo walk up and eat the statue, causing Human Fly to complain about it.

Radioactive, Man!Edit


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