Let It Go


June 2, 2014
Hip Hop
Isla Chan, Samantha Drake
Samantha Drake

 Let It Go is a single by LaQuaria Ghetti. The song is the second single from LaQuaria's debut album The Samantha Diaries. The song features guest vocals by Isla Chan and uncredited sampled vocals by Idina Menzel as the song also samples the song Let It Go (performed by Menzel) from the Disney movie Frozen.


(intro: Idina Menzel)

I'm never going back, the past is in the past

Let it go

Let it go

Can't hold it back anymore

Let it go

Let it go

Turn away and slam the door...

(music changes)

(intro 2: Isla Chan)

Let me, let me go

Let it go

Let me go

Let me go

Go, let it go, go, go

(verse 1: LaQuaria (Isla))

Look at your little little ass crawling back back to win me back (let me, let it go, go)

Look at you out the window tryna make a good impression again (let it go, go, go)

I'm watching you at my door, crying like that, I'm pissin mysef (hahaha) (let it, go, go)

I'm thinking that you is a pussy, Why cant you just face the fact

Face the fact that I am done with you and your never coming back

In my world you are a ghost but you still think Im a princess

Look at yourself nigga

At that state do you really think I would take you back

Im laughing so hard, sorry little boy you aint coming back (let it go, go)

(chorus: Isla Chan)

Let it

Let it go

Because you aint coming back

Let me

Let me go

Because I aint letting you back

Let me

Let me go

You know

You gotta let me go

Music VideoEdit

On June 6, 2014 LaQuaria confirmed she was shooting two music videos back to back, the videos were confirmed to be for "Love Me" and "Let It Go". The video was released an hour after the "Love Me" video. And features a hint towards the continuation of the "Love Me" video. LaQuaria and Chan (also Amara) only appear at the end of the video.


It begins with a woman (played by Rachel McAdams) reading the newspaper as her boyfriend is outside trying to win her back. Whenever her boyfriend tries to win her back she responds by lip synching the song lyrics, at the end of the video Chan appears and bails LaQuaria and Amara out of jail (in continuation from the "Love Me" video, which featured LaQuaria and Amara seemingly killing their lover). All three walk out of the jail smiling, hinting that a third continuation will be released, and the contination would be a video for "Bad Chick" which is a collaboration between Chan, LaQuaria and Amara.

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