Like A Drug


March 27, 2014
Samantha Drake, Sonny Moore

 Like A Drug is a single by Atlanta rapper LaQuaria Ghetti featuring dubstep record producer Skrillex. It is the second single from her debut EP of the same name. It references "Bad Girl" by Danity Kane and Missy Elliott.


(chorus: LaQuaria)

I was hooked on you like a drug

Addiction never felt better

I was addicted like a drug

Never gonna lie

I loved it so much

Oooooh, Ooooh

Ooooh ooooh

(verse 1)

First kiss was like the first injection

First touch was like the first inhale

I never want this moment to end yeah

I want you to stay forever

Like a fire our love burns brightly

Brighter than the starts nightly

I want to be your addiction forever

Like D Kane said I can be your addiction

Wanna get hooked on me


(Skrillex: dubstep breakdown)

(verse 2 singing)



You wanna stay forever

Be my prince of darkness

Wanna be mine

Be mine forever

You wanna stay til the clock rings our time is up

Now if you please, step inside, our new life is waiting



(dubstep breakdown)

(Outro x2)

You wanna stay 

Wanna play

Wanna be my drug tonight


and ever

and ever

Be my love tonight

Music VideoEdit

The video was filmed between March 1 to March 20, LaQuaria and Skrillex tweeted a picture with director Diane Martel (known for filming the video for Miley Cyrus's We Can't Stop and Robin Thicke's Blurred Lines). LaQuaria also tweeted a picture of her in a smoky alley with the caption "#LIKEADRUGFTSKRILLEX"


The full video premiered March 27, 2014. Directed by Diane Martel. It opened with the credits of the video before cutting to LaQuaria in an alley full of smoke. the words "#LIKEADRUG" spray painted on the wall. The song begins and when it hits the dubstep breakdown LaQuaria is seen walking out the alley and walking down the street. Skrillex also makes a cameo during the breakdown seen back in the alley playing the song with a portable DJ booth and speaker.

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