For other disambugations, Look up "Lisa Simpson".

Lisa is a Carrie Related segment that was used in Treehouse of Horror XL. When Lisa is embarrassed at the prom after Nelson spills pig blood on her, she uses Telekinesis to take over the town of Springfield as revenge.


Milhouse- Hit on the head with a bucket after the pig blood is spilled on Lisa.

Several People- Sprayed to death with a fire hose by Lisa.

Mrs. Edna Krabappel- Hit in the stomach with a falling ceiling rafter.

Principal Skinner- Electrocuted on a microphone.

Superintendent Chalmers- Electrocuted on a microphone.

Kearney- Fell on his head when trying to climb out a window.

Dolph- Decapitated between two doors.

Jimbo- Car flipped over and killed with Nelson.

Nelson- Car flipped over and killed with Jimbo.

Marge Simpson- Throat closed up.

Lisa Simpson- Crushed under the ceiling.

Bart, Homer, Maggie, Santa,s little helper and Snowball V- Crushed under the ceiling.

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