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Lisa Marie Simpson
Gender Female
Hair Blonde
Age 9
Occupation Student at Springfield Elementary School
Relatives Parents: Homer and Marge Simpson
Brother: Bart Simpson
Sister: Maggie Simpson
Voice Actor Yeardley Smith

Lisa Marie Simpson is the middle child of Homer and Marge Simpson, the younger sister of Bart Simpson, and the older sister of Maggie Simpson.


Bright, intelligent, a member of the Springfield chapter of MENSA, and quite distinguishable from her family and her peers at school, Lisa is more concerned about the world's problems and constantly makes attempts to find solutions to them. As a result, she is a vegetarian, a Buddhist, and usually part of the activist crowd; her rebellious attitude ironically makes her the same as her older brother Bart, whom she detests frequently. Lisa's goal to change the world one step at a time has earned her the wrath of many authority figures and also rendering her without any true friends. Another goal of hers is to get straight A's, a goal that tests her high integrity many times. This personality of hers has torn her apart from her family numerous times.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Lisa has a star-shaped head with blonde hair. She wears a necklace of white pearls, a sleeveless red dress, and red clip-on shoes.

SimpsonsFan01 FanonEdit

The Perfect Kind of LoveEdit


  • "If anyone wants me, I'll be in my room."


  • Lisa's eyes are gray.
  • She has an IQ of 159.
  • She fluently speaks Italian and Swedish.
  • Being two years and thirty-eight days younger than Bart, Lisa's birthday would be traced as May 9.