Lisa the Planner (a.k.a Lisa Fights Back) an episode of The Simpsons. It guest stars Rachel McFarlane, Mila Kunis, Roger Craig Smith, Sam Marin, Linda Cardellini, Kurtwood Smith, William Saylers (who would later reprise his role as Rigby in the Simpsons/Regular Show Spinoff, Len & Rig), J.G Quintel, Willem Dafoe, Seth McFarlane, Alex Borstein and Glenn Close (replacing the late Marcia Wallace).

Summary Edit

Edna is returning from her new home in Virginia, so Lisa is planning on a Welcome Back party. But when Gene steals the plans and kidnaps Lisa during her second attempt to get it back, it's up to Thomas, Meg, Hayley and Bart to save the day. Meanwhile, Lois is planning a hot tub party for Brian's birthday and needs Homer and CJ's help, but things are not in plan as Homer (literally) takes out the Griffin bathroom.

Transcript Edit

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