Live! is the first live CD/DVD by American rapper Young Prince, released on July 17, 2013, through the record label Young Life Records. It was recorded on April 28 and 29, during the Japan performances of the I'm a Rockstar Tour.

Track listingEdit


  1. "Introduction: Phuck Yo"
  2. "Chart-topper King" (with Jane Mik)
  3. "Tomorrow Night"
  4. "Mr. Wrong"
  5. "Interlude: Back to the Starts"
  6. "Fuck Off"
  7. "Thinking of You" (Katy Perry cover)
  8. "Get You"
  9. "Rain"
  10. "Video Interlude: In the Studio"
  11. "Low Price"
  12. "Love Affair"
  13. "Damn"
  14. "Interlude: Decomposable (Passion Pit Remix)"
  15. "Can't Wait (Remix)" (with 2NE1)
  16. "Interlude: The Time for You is Ending, Little Rockstars"
  17. "I'm a Rockstar, Bitch"
  18. "Dance Medley: Celebration"
  19. "Celebration"


  1. "Introduction: Phuck Yo"
  2. "Chart-topper King" (with Jane Mik)
  3. "Mr. Wrong"
  4. "Fuck Off"
  5. "Thinking of You" (Katy Perry cover)
  6. "Low Price"
  7. "Damn"
  8. "Instrumental: Decomposable"
  9. "Can't Wait (Remix)" (with 2NE1)
  10. "I'm a Rockstar, Bitch"
  11. "Celebration"

DVD: Special features

  1. Documentary: Making of Young Prince, Low Price
  2. A Day in the Life of Young Prince
  3. "I'm a Rockstar, Bitch" (featuring Sarah Simpson) (Music Video)
  4. "Fuck With Me" (Music Video)

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