The Livin' Life Tour is a 2014 tour by Helena Fasesha, Rapsta Chik and Amara, to promote albums I Love It, Treasure Chest and A. Opening acts were announced to be LaQuaria Ghetti (Asian leg).  Isla Chan  (North American leg) and Faces (Europe). They will tour around America/Canada, Asia and Europe. The setlist for the Asian leg has been confirmed but the dates still need to be confirmed, the second leg will begin in July 2014. While the European leg will begin in September/October 2014.

North American tour datesEdit

March 1, 2014: Vancouver

March 4, 2014: Tacoma

March 8, 2014: Anaheim

March 9, 2014: L.A.

March 11, 2014: Oakland

March 15, 2014: Phoenix

March 18, 2014: Las Vegas

March 20, 2014: Omaha

March 23, 2014: Chicago

March 26, 2014: St. Paul

March 28, 2014: Dallas

March 31, 2014: San Antonio

April 1, 2014: Houston

April 4, 2014: Tampa

April 8, 2014: Orlando

April 10, 2014: Montreal

April 12, 2014: Toronto

April 15, 2014: Boston

April 17, 2014: New York

April 20, 2014: Charlotte

April 22, 2014: Washingto n

April 23, 2014: Auburn Hills

April 25, 2014: Kansas

April 27, 2014: Nashville

April 29, 2014: Philadelphia

May 1, 2014: Uniondale

Asian tour datesEdit

July 31: Tokyo

August 2: Beijing

August 5: Seoul

August 7: Tel Aviv

August 9: Dubai

August 10: Central Area

Opening ActsEdit

  1. UR 2 L8
  2. Shut Up
  3. Perfect
  4. That's The Way It Goes

  1. Boss Ass Bitch
  2. Love Me
  3. Let It Go
  4. Like A Drug
  5. On Da Dancefloor

  1. Danzfloor
  2. Break Free
  3. Wanna Go
  4. Everything I Loved
  5. No Soy Estupido

Setlist (North America)Edit

Rapsta Chik, Amara, Helena Fasesha

1. I'm The Bitch


2. Smokin' This Hun

Helena Fasesha

3. Wild (Jessie J cover)

Rapsta Chik

4. Hashtag Rapsta Chik

5. Mousetrap


Rapsta Chik and Amara

7. Should Have Left It Alone

Helena Fasesha

8. Assasin



10. The Boy

11 .Kizz My Lipz

Amara and Rapsta Chik

12. A

13. You Ain't Gettin' This Boy

Helena Fasesha and Rapsta Chik

14. Gimme Gimme


15. 21

16. Do My Thang (Miley Cyrus cover)

Helena Fasesha

17. Applause (Lady Gaga cover)

Helena Fasesha and Rapsta Chik

18. Dark Horse (Katy Perry & Juicy J cover)

Rapsta Chik

19. Rap God (Eminem cover)

20. Solar System

21. Roman's Revenge (with LaQuaria Ghetti) (Nicki Minaj & Eminem cover)

Amara and Helena Fasesha

22. Naughty (remix)

Rapsta Chik & Helena Fasesha


Encore by Rapsta Chik, Helena Fasesha, Amara

24. Oh Honey (I Don't Give A Fuck)/Victim/Without Me

Setlist (Asia)Edit

Rapsta Chik, Amara, Helena Fasesha

1. I'm The Bitch

Helena Fasesha

2. Queen

3. Loud


4. L-O-V-E

5. Say

Rapsta Chik

6. Love Song

7. Should Have Left It Alone

Helena Fasesha & Rapsta Chik

8. BTDT (Been There Done That)

Amara & Rapsta Chik

9. A

10. You Ain't Gettin' This Boy


11. The Way That You

12. La La La

13. Horrify

Amara & Helena Fasesha

14. Hurts

Amara, Helena Fasesha, Rapsta Chik

15. Physical

Rapsta Chik

16. Reach For The Stars

17. Do Dat Shit

Rapsta Chik, Amara, Helena Fasesha

18. This Summer (video interlude)

Helena Fasesha

19. U Make Me (with Sia on-screen)

20. Anika


21. Smokin This Hun

Rapsta Chik

22. You Love Me (Martin Garrix Remix)

Rapsta Chik, Amara, Helena Fasesha (oncore)

23. SKREAM/Wallpaper/Assasin

Note: On the final date of the Asian leg, Rapsta Chik's performance of "You Love Me (Martin Garrix Remix)" was replaced by "Can't Stop Me", and Fasesha's performance of "U Make Me" was replaced by her cover of Madonna's "Die Another Day".

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