Lollipop is a song by Rapsta Chik , it features vocals from Britney Spears and rapper Amil and is produced by Major Lazer who had Rapsta on his track Lazers Never Die, he also produced Cinnamon but was not credited as producer.


Britney's verse

I'll jump on your (lollipop)

ill lick your (lollipop)

ill ride your (lollipop)

i want your (lollipop)

Rapsta's Verse

Lollipop lolli (lick)

wanna take this lick of ya pop

boy let me lick ur lolli

sweat boy no stopping

i'll tear of your Dolce & Gabbana suit

only if you (fuck me with ya pop)

Amil's Verse

(shit, shit, shit) wanna take it Barbie shit

(shit shit shit) such a nigga baby Barbie shit

(shit shit shit) i wanna fuck ya lollipop

(shit shit shit) I need a beer and get drunk (bitch)

(49 second instrumental)

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