April 16, 2014

3:21 (radio edit)
Helena Fasesha, Joshua Riverra, Amanda Simpson
Helena Fasesha
Loud (Showtek Remix) (US only)

Loud is a single by British singer Helena Fasesha and American singer Joshua Riverra. It is the lead single off her upcoming second album. A low quality and slightly "muffled" version leaked on February 2, 2014, on the same day her collaboration with Isla Chan was released on iTunes. The full quality version was leaked February 27, 2014. A remix of the track by Dutch music duo Showtek was premiered on the Spinnin' Records YouTube channel on April 12, 2014. Helena has confirmed the remix will be released as a B-side to the original version in the US and will be a seperate single in the UK. The UK single will be released May 1, 2014.


(verse 1: Helena)

Somebody please tell me what the eff is goin on up in here

I can't here my boyfriend on the phone while you shoutin and drinkin beer

I left for a second and when i left everything was nice and quiet

And when I came back I didn't expect for someone to start a riot

(pre chorus: Helena)

It was peaceful

And then it exploded

Wondering what just happened how did it get so loud

I just sat down

And tried to read a book

But i couldnt because some idiot was shouting out

(chorus: Helena)

And i couldnt fucking concentrate

Because everyone was sayin

"We are loud, we are loud, we are loud!"

And everyone was erupting

Like a human volcano, shouting

"we are loud, we are loud, we are loud"

Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

(verse 2: Joshua)

Somebody stop everyone screaming, im getting tired of this shit

I can't text my girl at home, with that fucking Pitbull hit (timber)

Everyone just calm down please, it's not a dance apocolypse

Im getting so tired of this, im bout to punch someone in their lips (shut up!)

(pre chorus: Joshua)

(chorus: Helena)

(verse 3: Helena x2)

Cause they be shoutin out

Oh it's so loud

I wanna just read

So Just shut up please

(chorus: Helena and Joshua)

(Verse 3: Helena x2)

(Dubstep breakdown and outro)

Loud, they be loud

Loud like a motherfuckin sterio

Loud, so loud

Bitch needs to take it down a notch... Loud

Music videoEdit

A music video for Loud was released April 27, 2014. It features Fasesha and Joshua acting out the lyrics of the song in a club. The words "we are loud" appear on the screen when sung and are lip synched by the party goers. The video features the three minute twenty one second radio edit of Loud.

Showtek RemixEdit

Loud (Showtek Remix)


Loud (feat. Joshua Riverra)
April 16, 2014 (U.S)

May 1, 2014 (U.K.)
3:21 (radio edit)

7:56 (Original Mix)
Helena Fasesha, Joshua Riverra, Amanda Simpson

 The remix was produced by Showtek and was premiered on April 12, 2014. Fasesha tweeted "So happy to work with Showtek on the remix! It's amazing!".

Music VideoEdit

The video for the remix premiered an hour after the original was released. It is a new edit of the original. It is more colorful and features blue and purple lights flashing through the chorus. Also a new scene featuring Fasesha in a Britney Spears type diamond body suit dancing in a room saying "LOUD2014"  on the walls.

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