Love Me


June 4, 2014
Snap, trap, hip hop, pop, electropop
Samantha Drake, Katy Perry, Felicia Brooks, Amara
Mike Will Made It, Samantha Drake

Love Me is a promo single by American rapper LaQuaria Ghetti. Love Me features guest vocals by American singer Amara. It is the third collaboration between the two (following "Bad Chick" with Isla Chan, and Horrify). In May 2014 LaQuaria tweeted that she would release two new singles before the release of her debut album in June. On June 2, the single "Let It Go" featuring Isla Chan was released, and two days later "Love Me" was made available if you pre-order the album, along with Let It Go and Hell Yeah. On June 6, LaQuaria released a cover she created on her website.


(chorus: Amara)

I really want you

Want you to have it

I really want you

Want you to have me

You wanna have me

Or just love me and leave me

I just want you

I just want you

Want you to love me

(verse 1: LaQuaria)

N-n-now I need to know honey

Do you want the life

Do you want the fame, fortune

And the hot little wife

Do you wanna L-U-V

Or just wanna leave me

Decisions, decisions

Its like a fucking Magic 8 Ball

You never know the answer

You never know what happens

You never ever know

AVH Sing it honey

(pre-chorus: Amara)

You know you want

You know you want

You know you want to love me

You know you need

You know you need

You know you know that you need me

(chorus: Amara)

(verse 2: LaQuaria)

Now now now you know that I really really want you

I just hope that you know for sure that you want me back

I really hope this situation

Doesn't go as awkward as I see it to be

Now now, I am what you need

And I know Im what you want

And your the same for me

So what the hell

You said I was your only

But did you mean it

I really hope you mean it

Because If not then watch your back

No one screws me, then screws me over

Nothing Is over until I walk out

And looks like your stuck with me

Tell me your choice

But choose carefuly, sing it!

(pre-chorus: Amara)

(chorus: Amara)

(I just want you to love me) x2

(instrumental break)

(I just want you to love me) x2

(pre-chorus: Amara)

(Lo-lo-love me baby) x2

Music VideoEdit

On June 6, 2014 two music videos were confirmed to be filmed back to back, the videos are for "Let It Go" and "Love Me". The video for Love Me was released first on June 13, 2014. With LaQuaria and Amara's love interest played by Canadian actor Hayden Christiansen. The video was released on the same day as horror movie "The Eyes", that LaQuaria and Amara star in.


It begins with Amara singing the chorus while cuddling up to a man (Christiansen) on a couch, while LaQuaria raps she is seen with the same man, implying the man is dating both women. Throughout the video it was revealed that LaQuaria is best friends with Amara, while scenes of the man with both women are intercut into scenes of LaQuaria rapping. Later on in the video LaQuaria and Amara find out that the man is dating both of them, they are shocked and upset at first, but LaQuaria and Amara decide to take revenge on their two timing lover and they team up to attack him. The video ends with the mans point of view, showing a blurry LaQuaria and Amara walking towards him, as the words "To be continued" pop up on the screen. Many people believe that it will be continued in LaQuaria's song "Wrote This Song 4 U" due to both songs dark nature, people also speculate it will be continued in the video for Let It Go, but its more likely that Wrote This Song 4 U will be released in the future and feature a music video continuation  

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