Love Song


March 5, 2014
Rapsta Chik
Cedric Gervais

Love Song is a song by Rapsta Chik released as the second single from her self titled album. Produced by Cedric Gervais (known for his remixes of Lana Del Ray's "Summertime Sadness" and Miley Cyrus's "Adore You"). It will be released through Spinnin' Records and Livin Life Records.

Lyrics (verse 1)

Yeah yeah, yeah oh, hey

Darling, I love you

Oh oh oh

Darling, Darling

Do you love me too


I would run 1000 miles for your love

I would write a 500 page book for a kiss

I would write a love song, for you

I would write a love song, for your sweet love

(beat break)

(repeat verse 1)

(repeat chorus)

(beat break)

Music VideoEdit

The music video for Love Song was directed by Rapsta herself. It features the video opening with the words "Rapsta Chik & Cedric Gervais present Love Song". Then Rapsta is seen in a silk negligee and pasties sitting in a shower with running water, she then switches to wearing a long silver dress and Cleopatra eyeliner in the back of a Hummer limosine. The song ends with sad Rapsta and happy Rapsta merging together to create a shining love heart.

Alternative CoverEdit

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