Love at Second Sight is a fan made Simpsons episode. It's airdate is currently unknown.


Marge takes the family out to the Roller Derby but Homer finds it boring so he goes and busies himself at the Food Hall, where he meets Mindy Simons. Homer invites Mindy on a date at Moes but tries to keep it secret. Shorty Homer chokes on a kebab and Mindy tries to resuscitate him but Marge sees and presumes they are making out.

Homer and Mindy get drunk at Moes and nearly set the bar on fire but wake up half naked on the edge of a cliff. A huge bear attacks they but Homer uses his a pants as an apparatus to save himself and Mindy. They make the headline,"Homer Simpson and Mindy Simmons Making Out Naked In The Wilderness".

When Marge finds out she divorces from Homer and Homer moves into a single living block. Mindy visits Homer and they both make out the minute when Marge and the family come to visit. Marge decides to leave Homer forever. Homer gets help from his neighbour Jaques who gives Homer a book called,"How to Win Back Your Wife". Homer goes to all the trouble to get Marge back but she still isn't satisfied until Homer saves her from the same bear that attacked Homer and Mindy. Homer breaks up with Mindy and remarries Marge.

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