Lucas Correa
Lucas Correa
Correa in 2014
Gender Male
Hair Blonde (dyed)
Age 20
Occupation Singer-songwriter
Location Springfield

Lucas Matthew Correa (born October 4, 1995) is a Puerto Rican singer-songwriter signed to Low Price Records. Born in San Juan, Puerto Rico's capital city, Correa moved with his family to San Diego, California, in 2004, at the age of 8, and later to San Francisco, California, in 2007. He first came to prominence in 2013 after co-writing Serena Ryder's hit single "What I Wouldn't Do". He has since been signed to Low Price Records, with which he is recording his first studio album.

Correa has two tattoos, one on his left arm that reads 有人爱你, which means somebody loves you in Chinese; and a phoenix on the back of his neck. He also got his right ear pierced and has a variety of earrings to use. He currently resides at Springfield and visits his family at Miami, Florida every two months.

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