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Margaret "Maggie" Simpson
Gender Female
Hair Blonde
Age 1
Relatives Parents: Homer and Marge Simpson
Brother: Bart Simpson
Sister: Lisa Simpson
Voice Actor None specific:

Margaret "Maggie" Simpson is the youngest child of Homer and Marge Simpson, and the younger sister of Bart and Lisa Simpson.


Because she is still an infant, her personality currently relies upon her physical actions rather than her verbal actions. Most of the time, Maggie is the typical innocent baby, who has a special attachment to her doting mother Marge. But whenever the timing is right, it is shown that she is quite violent for a baby. For many times, she has assaulted several people, including her father Homer and her arch-nemesis Gerald. Maggie has even shot Mr. Burns once.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Maggie looks exactly like her older sister Lisa, having a star-shaped head of blonde hair. She usually wears a blue sleep suit and a blue bow on her head.

SimpsonsFan01 FanonEdit

The Perfect Kind of LoveEdit


  • "Daddy." (Maggie's first word)


  • Maggie displays a disturbingly efficient skill with firearms.
  • Since 'Daddy' was Maggie's first word, this made her the first Simpson child to not call Homer by his first name.

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