a.k.a Dickbain
Gender Male
Hair Blonde
Age 40
Occupation Movie Undercover Agent
Relatives Wife:Monica 'Sexy Anal Insertion' Dickbain-Keller

Son: Josher-Kosher Pickles Keller

Daughter:Salami Keller

First Appearance  :McBain (1991)
McBain II (1992)
McBain III (1994)
McBain IV: Fecal Discharge: Chanpreet Litt's Barfday Birthday Partay(1996)
McBain V: The Fecal Chapter: Graziano Maria Avolio-Olive Oil Fava Beanz and the Sicilian Mafia (2000)
McBain VI: You Have the Right to Remain Stinky Like Graziano Maria Avolio-Olive Oil Fava
McBain VII: Let's Get Into Graziano Fava's Shitty Rapping Style
McBain Knows How To Make Love
McBain Can Do It In Graziano's Whorefriend's Butthole While Graziano M. Fava Watches
Voiced By Harry Shearer

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