McBain Knows How To Make Love
TV Show Information
Starring Rainier Wolfcastle as McBain
Sarah Muntz as Monica Keller
Graziano Maria Fava As Graziano Maria Shitaliano-Guineapigfucker Fava


The title screen says "McBain Knows How To Make Love". The movie starts and McBain walks with a large dildo while he sees Monica Dickbain "Sexy Anal Insertion" Keller who is a new female undercover anal agent. Then McBain looks at her and gets nasty n' smelly with Monica. and monica is pregnant with an ape in the ending after she gets nasty n' smelly at a zoo and forgets her birth control pills. She gives birth to the common ape specimen Buttershitface Curry called Chanpreet Litt which goes on to become a nasty untalented pornstar like Monica, her mentor and pimp being the famous stinky butt-sniffer Graziano Shitaliano-Guineapigfucker Fava who is originally from Roma, Italy but have always been busy with his prostitution ring in Taipei, Taiwan since 2012. McBain is proud and changes his name to Dickbain in honor of his nasty pregnant anal agent and respecting Graziano's "Italian-style" Shitaliano sniffing of his own butthole - until Graziano Fava gets arrested and receives both Taiwan and Italy's death sentence for trying to sex up Monica.

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