Mira Shai
Shai posing for a Christmas photoshoot.
Gender Female
Status Alive
Age 23
Occupation Japanese singer-songwriter

Lead singer of delicious.

Mira Shai (born December 28, 1993) is a Japanese singer-songwriter and the lead singer of delicious. She started singing at the age of seven, winning the 2001 Annual Japanese Singing Competition, being eight years old. At the age of twelve, she lost her father to cancer. Encouraged by her mother, she decided to establish herself as a singer-songwriter and began writing songs for her debut studio album. In 2011, she released a four-songs EP, アローン覚ます (Wake Up Alone), which received moderate success in Japan. Her debut studio album, 言葉 (Words), was released in June 2012, becoming very successful in both Japan and Korea. In early 2013, she paired up with American recording artists Bella Goldman, Tori Demos and Ophelia Michaels to form the band delicious. However, the singer has confirmed she'll continue releasing solo material.

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