Monica 'Sexy Anal Insertion Sidekick' Keller
Gender Female
Alias(es) Candied Dick Keller
Hair Poop-dirty blonde, Chrissy Teigen-style
Age 50
Occupation Undercover Anal Agent
Relatives Baby Maker: McBain

Pimp: Graziano Shitaliano-Guineapigfucker Fava
Pr0nstar Assistant:Grazianiattitbuttfacerina Soybean-Oil

First Appearance McBain Knows How To Make Love
Voiced By Jennifer Tilly
Monica 'Sexy Anal Insertion Sidekick' Keller is a fictional action movie pornstar hero played by the actor Sarah Muntz in the McBain movies. Her name is a parody of the Friends character Monica Geller and possibly The Ring character Rachel Keller, and her character is based off the smelly, pr0nstar life of Chanpreet Litt, whose logan is "The One and Only Indo-Indoor Whore of the Punjab Tandoor", whose bio can be briefly seen in the episode Spin Fun Knowin' Ya.

Appearances in movies Edit

Appearances in music videos Edit

- My Period Panties
- Queen of Springfield
- Your My Slave

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