My Jam (Let It Play) (Remix)


July 18, 2014 (U.S.)
Pop, trap, hip hop
3:43 (album version)

3:06 (remix featuring Under the Radar)
Rachel Layton, Felicia Brooks, Mira Shai (remix only)
Alex da Kid

My Jam (Let It Play) is a song by Rachel Layton, from her debut solo album Fire. The song's remix featuring Japanese-American girl group Under the Radar was released as a radio only single on July 18, 2014. The songs music video was released on the same date. The remix is the fourth single from Fire.


(verse 1 x2: Layton)

Hey DJ over there, turn it up a little louder

Let the speakers pump

Let the beat flow through your veins

If your with me, dance a little more

Come on follow me

I am your leader

Come DJ, let it play


The music pumpin

Through your stereo

Blasting through your windows

Come on DJ, let it play (yeah!)

(chorus: Layton and Under The Radar)


Come on girls, move your feet

Come on, they playing my jam

Move your booty to the rhythem of the song

Tonight, we gonna party like it;s the end of the world tonight

Come on DJ (let it play)

(Verse 2: Under The Radar)

Move your feet to the beat

Until the morning

I won't stop dancing I wont until I get what I want

Keep dancing till the night

And never stop (yeah yeah)

We can keep going, no stopping, party on (Yeah!)


(chorus: Layton and Under The Radar)


Music VideoEdit

The music video was directed by Layton herself. It features Layton and the members of Under The Radar dancing and turning an abandoned warehouse into a dance club.

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