Release date
November 2, 2013
R&B, Electropop
Amara van Helsan, Amanda Middlestone, Helena Fasesha
Dr Luke, Cirkut.

 Naughty is the third single from Amara's album A. It is produced by Dr Luke and Cirkut.The remix features Nicki Minaj.


Hey, you wanna get it, well come and get it, yeah wanna get naughty.

Verse 1

Hey boy

I be checking all night long

get on me

show me what you got

but be careful

my boy's home soon


Hey Boy

you looking like my type of guy

you looking like you fell from the sky

you looking like wanna f*ck

i wanna get naughty

yeah naughty till the day goes down

and the moon comes up 


this aint love it's just fuck


Music VideoEdit

A video was not released for the original version, a video for the remix with Nicki Minaj premiered on November 20, 2013. The video featured Amara as a football player in an all-female team called "Naughty Bitchez". Nicki rapped her verse as a member of the team and when she finishes her verse the Naughty Bitchez win the match and Amara and Minaj lead the team in a celebration twerking routine. The video ends with Amara in the changing room twerking.

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