Ned's Wedding Party
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Episode Number
Original Airdate October 31, 2013
Chalkboard Gag I will not believe in the Headless Carriage Driver
Couch Gag Bart, Lisa, Maggie, Marge and Homer are about to sit on the sofa, but Zelda and Link (The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D) are sitting there.
Written By Dude899
Directed By Dude899

Plot SummaryEdit

Right after Edna Krabappel Flanders passed away (rather retired from the show), Ned Flanders falls in love with a kind hearted young woman named Tiffany Janet Lawson, who's also the new Springfield Elementary School 4th grade teacher.


Ned's Wedding Party transcript

Story SummaryEdit

The episode begins at Springfield Elementary School where Bart, Milhouse, Nelson, Martin and a few other 4th grade students are speaking about Edna Krabappel Flanders' whereabouts, 'til Groundskeeper Willie and Principal Skinner step in and Groundskeeper Willie whispers some very depressing and unfortunate news to him. Principal Skinner tells them that their dear friend and respective teacher and mother figure, Edna Krabappel Flanders, has passed on yesterday evening from a short illness. Everybody's depressed moods change when they meet their new teacher and widowed mother of Kayla and Kaitlyn Lawson, Mrs. Lawson, for the very 1st time. Bart and Milhouse claim that she's a lot nicer than Edna Krabappel Flanders used to be.

Meanwhile, Ned, Rod and Todd are looking at a photo album in their living room, explaining everything about their 2nd and recent mother, Edna Krabappel Flanders, and the things that she did for them. Ned decides that their house needs a new mother touch around here, hopefuly, 1 that will not pass away on them again.

Later that night while Bart, Lisa, Maggie and Homer are asleep, Marge begins preparing everything else to bring over to Ned's wedding party, since he and Tiffany are getting married to 1 another.

The very next morning, right before Ned and Tiffany get married to 1 another, they go along with The Simpson family to Wild and Crazy Water World Park, and have a lot of fun and excitement there.

That afternoon, everybody else is all dressed up in their Sunday bests and ready to go to the wedding party, and when they get their, there are a lot of good stuff to eat there, and good picnic tables to sit right down at.

Right after Ned and Tiffany are married to 1 another, Rod and Todd tell the others that they've got 3 mothers to look after them now.

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