Need a Woman's Love

Need a Woman's Love

May 6, 2013
Pop rock
Joshua Riverra, Rapsta Chik
Rapsta Chik

Need a Woman's Love is a song by American rock singer and Punk Town former member Joshua Riverra featuring American-British rapper Rapsta Chik. It was released as his debut solo single on May 6, 2013, and was included in the tracklist of his debut studio album Fear of Roses. Rumour has it the song will be nominated for an award in the 2013 Simpsons Fanon Wiki Awards.


Yeah, we at the strippers club tonight
Just out with my besties getting some pussy
Me and my boys love those hot slits
Love 'em in a bed and leave 'em the way they were

I need, I need, I need a woman's love
I need, I need, I need a woman's love
I need a woman's love so much

Outro (Rapsta Chik)
Does that boy need my love?
My tits and my pussy get you
You really wanna hop on my slit?
I love boys ooh

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