Night of the Living Treehouse of Horror 2 or Return of the Living Treehouse of Horror is a sequel to the old Treehouse of Horror-themed game named Night of the Living Treehouse of Horror. Unlike the first game, this game had more of a story.


Sideshow Bob, Mr. Burns, Snake Jailbird, and Dolph, Jimbo, and Kearney have all teamed up to get revenge on the Simpsons for there own reasons. Mr. Burns uses his money to hire Professor Frink to make a machine that can make a portal to several non-canon realities, and they set it off on the Simpsons house after they get home from trick or treating. The energy from the machine effects the Simpsons house, turning it into a deadly labyrinth full of doors that lead to portals. To get from level to level, the player must choose what Simpson to play as and then go through the rooms until you get to the last level. There are 8 levels in total.


Level 1 - Starship PoopersEdit

  • Objective: Make it through Springfield avoiding several half-alien babies (led by the half-alien Maggie) and find Kang and Kodos' space-ship and defeat them.
  • Villains: Kang, Kodos, Evil Maggie
  • Achievments Unlocked: "Kang/Kodos"

Level 2 - Night of the DolphinsEdit

  • Objective: Make it through the Dolphin-invaded Springfield and find then defeat the Dolphin leader.
  • Villains: Evil Dolphins, Dolphin Queen
  • Achievments Unlocked: "Swimming Lessons"

Level 3 - The ShinningEdit

  • Objective: Escape the mansion while being chased by a crazed Homer and get the small TV to restore Homer to sanity before he chops you into pieces.
  • Villains: Crazed Homer
  • Achievements Unlocked: "No TV & No Beer Make Homer Go Crazy"

Level 4 - Attack of The 50 Foot EyesoresEdit

  • Objective: Make it through Springfield avoiding all the giant advertising mascots until you encounter Lard Lad who battles you.
  • Villains: Advertising Mascots, Lard Lad
  • Achievements Unlocked: "Giant Do-nut (Now With Sprinkles)"

Level 5 - House of WhacksEdit

  • Objective: Make it through the Ultrahouse all the way to the basement where you can attack the CPU's "British Charm Unit".
  • Villains: Robotic Arms With Various Weapons (Needles, saws, hammers and lasers)
  • Achievements Unlocked: Ultrahouses CPU

Level 6 - The Homega ManEdit

  • Objective: Make your way through Springfield (after it being blown up by a neutron bomb) and escape the mutants before heading for your house.
  • Villains: Mutants
  • Achievements Unlocked: Black Cloak

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