No Soy Estupido


May 13, 2014 (Australian and Spanish Radio)

May 18, 2014 (UK Remixes EP)
Trap, hip-hop, dance

5:17 (UK Version)
Adam Preston, Rachel Layton
UK Version Cover

 No Soy Estupido (english: I'm Not Stupid) is the third and final single from Faces's debut album Diamond Heart. It will released to Australian radio on May 13, 2014. A full re-recorded Spanish version will be released to Spanish radio on the same day. The UK version features a verse from American rapper Kanye West and two short speeches from Mexican author Eve Gil. The speech translates to "I'm not stupid, I know where you are at night. I know you are with that girl, hopefully this will teach you a lesson.". The translation of the second speech is "The lesson here is, Don't mess with us women, we are not stupid, got it?". The song will be featured on their second album "I Am Me".

Lyrics (UK Version)Edit

(intro: Eve Gil)

No soy estupido

Yo se donde usted esta en la noche

se que estas con esa chicha

Esperemos que esto le ensenara una leccion

(chorus: Faces)

No,no,no,no soy


No no no soy


No no no soy




Oh yeah

I'm not stupid

I I'm not stupid

I'm not stupid

I I'm not stupid

I'm not stupid

I I'm not stupid

I'm not stupid

Stupid stupid stupid

(verse 1: Kanye)

Huh, girl

I know where you been

Fuckin with that guy

Girl do you think I'm dumb

Did you think I wouldn't Know

Ha girl if you think that

You're dumber than you think I am

Girl, You lying

I know you are cheating

Cheatin bitch, sneakin bitch

Girl, I've had enough bitch

(chorus: Faces)

(verse 2: Faces)

You know


I know what you up to


At work

And there you are, in the bed we share together

With that girl

The girl

The neighbor hood slut

Ha you try to deny it


I got three words for you

You you you you

(chorus x2: Faces)

(verse 3: Faces)

Oh boy

Don't try to deny

I saw with my own eyes

So stop with the lies

Lies lies lies

Liar, liar

J-jeans on fire

Literally jeans on fire

Cause paybacks a bitch!

(chorus x2)

(verse 4: Eve Gil)

La leccion aqui es

No se meten con nostros la mujeres

No somos estupidos

Lo tienes?

(instrumental outro)

UK Remix EPEdit

  1. No Soy Estupido
  2. No Soy Estupido (Clean Radio Edit)
  3. No Soy Estupido (Spanish Version)
  4. No Soy Estupido (UK Version) (feat. Kanye West and Eve Gil)

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